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Steam Car Wash .

Steam car wash is a new technology, wherein, steam is used to wash your car. There are multiple benefits of using steam for this purpose. Using steam helps to reach every nook and corner of your car and clean. Consumes very less amount of water. Gives showroom like cleanliness both exterior and interior. No or very limited use of cleaning chemicals. Above all, saves environment, by consuming very less natural resource - "WATER."

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AS per Global reserch data 68% of car owners never visit washing outlets in their entire lifetime. So, stationed units manage to tap only 32% of car owners and are still successful. Imagine, how things will work in doorstep model. It will have a better reach to a large segment of car owners thus, creating a favorable enviornment eventually increasing customer base for both stattioned and doorstep. Out of these car owners visit washing outlet less than 3 times an year.
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"Paxlar" steam car spa services Pvt.Ltd is a professional car care team providing professional service at your doorstep. We provide professional services like complete mobile steam car wash (exterior & interior) & car detailing etc. We provide these services at your doorstep at your convenient time and place. Through our website, you can schedule, track and choose a doorstep steam car wash in Kerala. The system will allow you to book as per your choice of time and place. “The simple concept behind PAXLAR Mobile Steam car wash is to provide first ecological steam based hand car wash & detailing service”.

Paxlar can proudly claim that we care for our Nature and its resources – “ WATER – WE CARE ”

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Paxlar Steam Car Spa is now the official member of IDA

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